Shrimp and Spring Greens Sauté over Brown Rice

1. CHOP: 10 – 12 large raw shrimp, deveined and tails removed

2 cloves garlic

½ yellow or white onion

2. ADD: 1 Cup water and above ingredients- salt and pepper to taste-

SAUTE: in heavy large skillet over medium heat, until shrimp are cooked and color changes to pink – about 2 to 3 minutes.

REMOVE: shrimp from pan and set aside

3. ADD: 1 Tbsp. sesamie tahini

1 Tbsp. coconut paste

1 Tsp. chili paste

SIMMER: to blend flavors – about 1 minute

4. ADD: 1 Cup chopped broccoli

½ bunch chopped swiss chard – tough bottom stems removed

½ bunch chopped kale – tough bottom stems removed

½ head green cabbage

SAUTE: 5 minutes

ADD: 2 chopped yellow squash and cook another 2 minutes

RETURN: shrimp to pan – cook 1 additional minute to blend flavors –

SERVE: over brown rice

WITH: chopped fresh tomato and cilantro (optional)

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