Parsley Butter

8 oz unsalted grassfed butter at room temperature
2 large or 3 small cloves garlic, peeled
1-1/2 cups fresh organic parsley, packed (preferably Italian flat leaf)
Juice of one medium lemon, freshly squeezed (about 3 tbl, or to taste)
Sea Salt, to taste
Freshly ground black pepper, to taste
A few tbl Extra Virgin Oil

Makes about 2 cups. Recipe may be cut in half to fit a mini food processor. Makes a great hostess gift. Keeps several weeks in the refrigerator. 


1. Place all ingredients, except olive oil, in a food processor and pulse repeatedly to make a smooth paste. Stop periodically and scrape down sides of bowl if necessary.

2. When parsley is entirely chopped and all ingredients are well-mixed, with motor running, drizzle enough olive oil in to make the butter very soft and creamy but not too runny.

3. Transfer the Parsley Butter into glass jars with tight-fitted lids or other airtight containers and store in refrigerator.

4. Melt a pat of Parsley Butter on hot vegetables, sizzling steak, hot roast slices, or over fish.

5. To serve as a herbed butter spread, let sit about ten minutes at room temperature to soften to a spreadable consistency (a slightly higher olive oil content speeds the softening process). Additional sea salt flakes sprinkled on top is delicious.

6. To serve as a sauce, gently heat Parsley Butter in a butter pan or skillet over low heat, taking care not to overheat. Pour over or add foods to pan and gently toss to coat.

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